ICEA S-95-658 PDF

February 9, 2019

Single- or multiconductor – V – 90ºC – ICEA S Halogen-free (LSZH- HFFR). MH. Applications. Recommended for use in highly populated enclosed. ANSI/NEMA WC ICEA S Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy Published by National. ANSINEMAWC70ICEANonshielded Power Cables Rated Volts or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy-Applies to materials, constructions.

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The bands shall be applied sufficiently tight to prevent their movement along the cable as a result of handling the cable during installation. In lieu of testing finished cable jackets, a certification by the manufacturer of the polyethylene compound that this requirement has been complied ivea shall suffice. The lead may be stripped from the x-95-658 length of the cable and the cable re-sheathed. The exposure time shall be hours. The tape s shall be free from burrs. Specimens may be immersed in a common bath.

Lead stripped from new cable may be used, and when so used, it shall comply with the requirements given herein. A test specimen of the insulated conductor shall be taken after any curing and prior to the application of any coverings. NEMA and ICEA disclaims and makes no guaranty or warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of any information published herein, and disclaims and makes no warranty that the information in this document will fulfill any of your particular purposes or needs.

When the applied flat steel tape, interlocked tape, or round wire armor will remain unjacketed and the cable is intended for installation in below-grade or potentially wet environments, the metallic sheath and jute bedding layers applied over the sheath s95-658 core jacket shall be run through a hot asphalt or tar compound, or equivalent saturant. The jacket material and thickness shall be as listed in Section 4. See Section 6 4.

The insulation shall be applied directly to the surface of the conductor or optional separator. The requirements for the tensile strength of flat ice tape and for the zinc coating shall be in accordance with 4.

The length of lay of the armor wires shall be not less than three or more than twelve times their pitch diameter.


Power Cables Rated 2, V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy – NEMA

If the document is revised icwa amended, you will be notified by email. Metal tapes shall be a nonmagnetic material such as copper, copper alloy, or aluminum. Likewise, the elongation shall be based on the gauge marks applied to the specimen before immersion in the oil. Joints in the tape shall be made electrically continuous by welding, soldering, or brazing. Consensus does not necessarily mean that there is unanimous agreement among every person participating in the development of this document.

Indicates that the test for the applicable property does not apply to material. Normal operating voltage between phases or, in direct current, between conductors. The average of the results of these tests is to be reported for the lot.

It also covers submarine cables. Column B thicknesses apply to multi-conductor cables with an outer covering and to single-conductor cables with an outer covering.

Use resulting voltage value to select the corresponding insulation thickness from Tables,and as applicable. If two servings are used, they shall be closely wound and applied with opposite directions of lay, with each run through hot asphalt or tar compound, or equivalent saturant.

The test specimens shall be suspended vertically a-95-658 such a manner that they are not in contact with each other or the sides of the chamber. The conductor s in the cable shall be tested to assure continuity when grounded at one or both ends. Cables with repaired jackets must be capable of meeting all icsa requirements of this standard.

Their use is recommended also for resonant grounded systems.

Specimens for tests on jacket compounds shall be taken from the sample by cutting parallel to the axis of the wire or cable. A source of direct current or single phase alternating current potential capable of maintaining the required voltage under all normal leakage current conditions.

Power Cables Rated 2,000 V or Less for the Distribution of Electrical Energy

If measurements are made at a temperature other than s-95–658 Each component shall have less than 0. These cables may be used in applications where installation and service conditions are such that the additional thickness for mechanical protection is not considered necessary for satisfactory operation. The duration of the ac voltage idea shall be 5 minutes. The ends of the sample shall be secured to the mandrel so that four complete turns of the sample will be exposed to the air between the securing means.


Three test specimens shall be tested and the average of the results reported. Air oven aging Oil immersion Heat distortion deformation 6.

Some migration is known to occur. The zinc coating shall be considered as meeting this requirement if, when the strip is bent around the specified mandrel, the coating does not flake and none of it can be removed from the strip by rubbing with the fingers. The diameter for the cross-section shall be the average of the four values.

The jacket shall be separated from the insulation by splitting the covering through to the conductor and pulling the jacket and insulation apart. Suggestions for improvements gained in the use of this Standard s-95-685 be welcomed by the Association.

The lead shall be determined by the manufacturer and shall meet the requirements of ASTM B29 unless other compositions and test requirements are agreed upon between the manufacturer and the user.

If the service requirements are exceptionally severe, larger sizes of armor wire may be required. The size of the armor wires shall be as given in Tablebut the tensile safety factor shall be not less than five. In the case of wire and cable smaller s-956-58 size 6 AWG having a specified insulation thickness less than or equal to 90 mils 2.

When tested in accordance with Section 6 the jacket shall meet the requirements of Table An insulated or uninsulated grounding conductor may be sectioned into several parts z-95-658 no part shall be smaller than a No. Coated wires shall be used in conjunction with aluminum tape shields to protect against electrolytic corrosion. An electrode capable of maintaining contact, throughout its length, with the entire exposed surface of every cable in the assembly.

These thicknesses apply to jackets only and do not apply to colored coatings used for the purpose of circuit identification on the individual conductors of multiple conductor cables.