February 9, 2019

Table Of Contents. Grammar Snobs Are Great Big MeaniesIntroduction: Grammar Snobs Make Good Prison Brides 1. A Snob For All Seasons—Shared. I have to confess, I love grammar. To me, it’s fascinating, not frustrating. I know many people don’t share my passion and that’s okay. But as. Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies is a laugh-out-loud funny collection of anecdotes and essays on grammar and punctuation, as well as hilarious critiques.

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Skip the weak humor vreat you’re really into anti-grammar humor there must be a club out there, right? If it is the language you care about and not your own ego, then trolling or bullying the occasional honest mistake is not the answer.

In doing so, Casagrande makes clear just how unclear modern English grammar is. I think my favorite chapter was at the end – called ‘Satan’s Vocabulary’. I get this—-and I get the underlying reason for it—-but it does get a bit too overwhelming in some spots.

June Casagrande is my personal deity. June Casagrande’s writing is reader-friendly, witty but, sometimes, tiresome. Or at least, how devilishly tricky it can be.

My problem with grammar snobs | Opinion | The Guardian

For geammar grammar snob, this book is a great ego check; for a grammar novice, there is comfort in the reality that even the experts can’t seem to agree.

But, at times it gets bogged down in its own cuteness. Although the title of the book should have given me a clue duh! In addition to being highly entertaining, there is some seriously useful info snobe here to be used as a standard reference guide. I’m impressed that the author became a success despite dropping out of school in the ninth grade.


Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies

I could grmmar this book like mad — and, let’s face it, I have and will continue to do so. Aug 27, Sarahinparis rated it did not like it. This is one book that should be kept at your fingertips whenever you are writing something more involved than a shopping list.

View all 5 comments. Jul 09, Blake rated it really liked it Shelves: Eventually, I convinced these writers that my goal was to make them look good. Their teachers were taught And here is that reason: The first is that Casagrande doesn’t mind saying that there are plenty of times when our language hasn’t decided what the rules are.

View all 8 comments. Jul 16, Noah Nichols rated it it was amazing Shelves: Refresh and try again. Grammar Snobs is probably the funniest grammar book available. At its essence it is old-fashioned classism and elitism, and it can be unapologetically so.

Even better, with a little confidence you can be the one who puts them in their place. She’s funny, she’s smart, and she knows when to take grammar seriously and when to tell it to get over itself, already. This title will either give you a giggle or make your face pucker up like you just bit a lemon. Too many of the “rules” are, ultimately, unknowable, because it always depends on which guide you consult and which format you are writing for yes, it is also okay to end a sentence in a preposition.

It is the sense of humor that counts, the idea is to not be snobs that troll. Yes, I get excited over punctuation. Some rules applied to text in books won’t apply to articles. You can’t ask for more than that! The author, June Casagrande, strove to arm her readers with ammunition to repel snide remarks from grammar snobs; those people who are constantly correcting or looking down their noses at others who use incorrect grammar.

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Although the tone of the book was rather entertaining, as the chapter progressed, I found myself identifying more and more often with the “Grammar Snobs” than with the author and her intended audience.

Paperbackpages. Oct 04, Bobby rated it it was ok Shelves: Grammar Emperors Wear No Clothes Casagrande insists that the rules are at best self-evident and at worst ridiculous.

Short, cute and a quick summer read. To an extent, yes. When I say nobody knows, I don’t mean that the experts bicker over the right way to do these things. Among all the supposed fun are some well articulated and gerat rules that might help make grammar easier for the long-bullied.

No trivia or quizzes yet. I can’t even tell you how many times I laughed from her humor. Well, you’ve got to love a book that teaches you something and gives you some laughs at the same time. Sure this book tries to ‘sell’ language rules in arf funny and easy way, but I really don’t see why the need to exaggerate about ‘snobs’.

Can’t really be one graet that English is not my mother tongue.