GMW 3103 PDF

February 10, 2019

GMW › Complete Document History General Specification for Electrical/ Electronic Components and Subsystems, Electromagnetic Compatibility Global. GMW, GMW and GMW (All three documents of specifications that apply to GMW EMC test The GMW EMC Test Plan (Appendix B). These requirements have “gone global” in the form of GM Worldwide (GMW) EMC .. GMW – Validation Acceptance Process (EMC Control Plan).

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Dirty If, after placing the capacitance, the waveform develops a non-linear hump refer to image on rightit may be necessary to current starve the power feed to the? This is due to the increased radiated emissions due to expanded bus? If using a 2 layer board, run power and return side by side or top to bottom, reducing loop area. Identification of fundamental operating frequencies: Packaging and distribution of goods For development reports, a watermark that does not obstruct data is preferred.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Direct to Local Chassis? Provide Name, Email, and Phone Number. Those figures are generic, by nature, and cannot show the details required by a DUT-specific Test Plan. Do not use the simplified block diagrams as found in any of the reference standards.

Module-to-Vehicle Non-Electrical Interface RF Link s These are typically pressure sensors, ymw detection, opening-and-closing mechanisms and stops, etc. Glass and ceramics industries GMW 6 Notes 6. Use of pF to 10 nF on all signals is recommended. User Interface These typically include display panels, gauges, feature selection buttons, backlighting LEDs, etc.


B2 Printed Circuit 31033 B2. Design analysis and performance is a part of the design review. Avoid using expanded memory microprocessors if possible.

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Materials handling equipment Test results obtained from testing prior to test plan approval shall not be published in a validation report. Examine any prior relevant analysis, calculations and test results. Provisions for 310, load dump event and reverse voltage protection should be located on battery 12 V input.

Battery and Switched Battery e. The default orientations for this test are: Documentation required to be delivered, as one package, to vehicle manufacturer EMC design review team at least 10 working days ahead of the scheduled meeting: The list of lessons learned captured is not all-inclusive nor binding, and may not reflect the latest technology.

Populate around vias at the pad that is to be referenced to ground, no long paths or traces. Unless otherwise specified in the EMC Test Plan, in order to ensure tmw refreshed value, all information related to data monitoring such as analog input voltages, operating states, etc.

Actual hardware samples or physical mock-up for visual examination is desirable but not required.

You have no items in your shopping cart. Provide output voltage and current time domain measurements for power outputs and inputs.


The body of the connector should make reliable connection to the ground plane. Minimize all traces to be as short as gmq.

GMW 3103:2015

Connector pin assignment is important when working with twisted harnessing. Identify the ESD discharge points. The Component EMC Test Plan also provides a mechanism for ongoing enhancements and improvements to the test methodology that improves vehicle level test correlation.

Never stack or overlap different power planes over each other. If using a 2 layer board, fill all open space with ground plane or grid with many vias. Consolidated appropriate material from GMW eliminated into this document, removed Suppliers Questionnaire, moved Appendix “A” into body requirements section, renumbered remaining appendices, modified motor filtering in Lessons Learned appendix, more detailed appendices for design review and test plan.

Provide further description below as necessary: List gkw individual lines or pins pulled up to battery, switched battery e. PCB vias for this connection should be connected using 0? These test modes and functional performance metrics shall be detailed in Table A3.

Supplier must provide all specialized equipment used for monitoring functionality. Provide graphical picture showing discharge locations.