April 14, 2019

The LMPF+ aeroderivative gas turbine with DLE combustion technology can offer the best cost per kilowatt in its power class. It delivers excellent reliability. GE LM – Direct Drive Gas Turbine. The LM is a gas turbine modeled after the CFC2 turbofan aircraft engine. GE introduced this engine in the. The LM is a simple-cycle, two-shaft, high- performance gas turbine that is derived from GE’s CF 80C2 high bypass turbofan aircraft engine. There are two.

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The water injection system injects water into the primary or secondary fuel nozzle inputs, usually on natural gas fired engines.

This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat Aero-derivative engines Marine engines Gas turbines. Applications include power generation for combined cycle or peak power.

General Electric LM – Wikipedia

These include an expanded turbine section to convert thrust into shaft power, supports and struts for mounting on a lk6000 or concrete deck, and reworked controls packages for power generation. Over LM gas turbines shipped and over 21 million hours of operation.


With options, this can be increased to around 50MW rated power. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Aero-derivative l6m000 by manufacturer. Views Read Edit View history. This twin spool design with the low pressure turbine operating at 60 Hz, the dominant electrical frequency in North America, eliminates the need for a conventional power turbine.

This system is high maintenance and may be replaced by chillers in newer units.

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The SPRINT system injects demineralized water into the engine either upstream of the low pressure compressor or between the low pressure and high pressure compressors. It has additions and modifications designed to make it more suitable for marine propulsion, industrial power generation, and marine power generation use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

LM GTG in an electrical power plant application. The General Electric LM is a turboshaft gas turbine. An alternative ve of power augmentation is Evaporative Cooling, which is a water fogging system that sprays a fine mist of water into the inlet air before the air filters.


It has found wide use including peaking power plantsfast be and high speed cargo ship applications. Retrieved from ” https: General Electric aircraft engines. Its high efficiency and installation flexibility make it ideal also for a wide variety of utility power generation and industrial applications, especially peaker and cogeneration plants.