February 9, 2019

Energy-Karezza has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. Dr. Bass describes the 3 stages of sex, and shows why standard sex (that most Americans practice), is only th. You recently wrote the book “Energy-Karezza – How to Make Every Wife In Natural Hygiene, doctors (many of them MDs) advocated Karezza already in the . Karezza encourages sexual partners to be as relaxed as possible, and to take deep breaths to relax when feelings of intense energy surge.

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When we next have intercourse it is easier to stay in the tranquil mindset ideal for Karezza. Remember to be patient and be sure to communicate with your partner while trying this and any other sexual practice. This may sound way over the top but let me explain.

enetgy But Karezza required no specialized energy work. Preview — Energy-Karezza by Stanley S. Refresh and try again. In addition, we fall into total stillness frequently while making love. Karezza can be a bit like watching paint dry at first—albeit with the added joys of a companion and an increasing sense of well-being.

It was such a powerful, loving experience.

Energy-Karezza by Stanley S. Bass

Our emphasis is on affection, and we stay well away from the edge of orgasm. The Health Benefits of Sex Is there more to sex than pleasure? You can also learn more about Karezza from these two free books by A. eneryg

All I did was to remain nearly still while engaged in sex and karezzx slow, deep breaths. Sometimes we make a conscious effort to diffuse the sexual energy from our genitals throughout our bodies by tightening the muscles of our pelvic floor and breathing the energy up. Conner rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Read on to find out how sex can boost your immune system, increase your life expectancy, help you sleep, and more…. Intercourse is slower and more relaxed It worked best to begin intercourse in a position that did not allow for much movement.


How Does Karezza Work?

All we can do is keep our biologically driven habits eenrgy of the way, and enjoy what bubbles up. Bass clearly wants men to go from “duds to studs,” as he says.

We also sometimes fall asleep connected, which makes waking up especially enjoyable. What happens when your partner is impotent and you haven’t had sex for eight years? Erections also come and go—and arise again when karezzz start kissing after a pause. He offers practical tips for gaining sexual control.

The Atlantic recently coined this as a “sexual recession,” suggesting that this numerical decline in reported physical intimacy could have an impact….

Why do people remove hair down there? Karezza is very different than most types of traditional sexual intercourse methods. After years of Karezza, I gradually learned to stay in the calmer waters more and more, which proved to be more satisfying ultimately, with much less of a tendency to feel any akrezza or congestion afterward.

What Is Karezza?

This, in fact, was Karezza’s chief distinction from Male Continence, the Oneida practice that Bass actually emphasizes in this book. Expressed in spiritual language, to build a new society based on compassion and cooperation we need to open the heart center of our energy bodies. Therefore, to help with birthing the new society spiritual individuals may now focus on opening their heart centers.

The present world problems are largely caused by karzeza which suited the capitalist system by producing an abundance of enwrgy and consumers.


Our sex expert and therapist kwrezza down the misconceptions around anal sex and shares the best way to do it…. If the energy begins to build into goal-oriented sensations, we simply relax back into stillness. We were both amazed and so loving in the stillness. For hours after this kind of sex session, if I think of my wife, the feeling of deep love refills me, just as if I were back in bed having sex.

Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover? Then slowly we inched toward nuzzling in the genital area. We needed several weeks of pleasant, but patient, consistency to see why we had made the effort to try it.

Presently we are at a tipping point in our evolution as indicated in recent decades by a meteoric rise of spiritual consciousness together with a decline in the foundations of materialism. Thank you Stanley Bass for your reflections and practical tips based on over fifty years of experience.

Want to Read saving…. However, there are other flavors of tantra that call for vigorous intercourse and “riding the edge” as a way to heighten arousal.

As we gently make love, I imagine us both in a glowing ball of light. Visit Karezza Korner for comments by other couples krezza their experiences.

What Is Karezza? | Reuniting

Sometimes Karezza is just pleasant, gentle intercourse that leaves us refreshed and more balanced. Why is it even there? NormaCenva marked it as to-read Jan 16,