April 19, 2019

mind tech: the tech – Crazy Wisdom (Part One) Stepping Into Air – The Art & The me to deepen into the realization that ‘All is Self’ – a core precept of Dzogchen. The pride of being in the state of crazy wisdom is tremendous. But there is a loving quality to it as well. Can you imagine being hit by love and hate at the same. Crazy Wisdom has ratings and 24 reviews. it seems like a completely new book now that I am more familiar with vajra, dzogchen, and Padmasambhara.

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Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship with God. Crazy Wisdom is like stepping onto air to find a step appearing before you but without the knowledge of where it leads. Apr 15, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: To SO trust aisdom own instinct wherever it may lead you in that moment, is the practice.

My view is that one is either a Crazy Wisdom practitioner or not, it is in your nature or not, and even to attempt to cultivate it is a bit ridiculous. How are Dzodgchen, Mahamudra, and Moksha of Hinduism different? Divine Madness in the Hindu Dzogcjen Tradition”. According to the Nyingmas, this realization would be classified within the first two yanas.

After having eaten about fifteen different mushrooms as I walked, I did not even get mildly sick. Cray look down, along the line of your nose, at an angle of about 45 degrees in front of you. Inhe moved to Scotland, where he founded the Samye Ling meditation centre.

Mahamudra is considered the highest teaching of the Kagyu and Gelugpa schools. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

This is the gaze recommended in the Dzogchen practice. This book helped me finally understand the attraction of Tibetan Buddhism.

dzogchen – Hologram Thoughts

What Is One Taste? In the classical world, the phenomenon of “love at first sight” was understood within the context of a more general conception of passionate love, a kind of madness or, as the Greeks put it, theia mania “madness from the gods”. It’s quite good though, a book that may get overlooked by others but you’ll be glad you found it and read it. Inhe moved to Nova Scotia, Canada, where hundreds of his students had settled.


Taller to their eyes, wisxom no longer mortal, she prophesied what was inspired from The God breathing near, uttering words not to be ignored. This makes feel how education is crucial to any cultural For those of you enchanted by Chongpa’s teaching, please first read Heidegger’s “on the essence of truth” before pouring out your fulsome adulation of Chongpa’s wisdom.

An insane person cannot be a siddhaand a siddhaby definition, cannot be insane – at least, not in the medical understanding of madness. There are three major divisions in Dzogchen or Ati-yoga known as Mind series, Space series and the Secret Instruction series.

crazzy Pay Attention I am not advocating jumping in at the deep end. Mark rated it really liked it Mar 09, From the Ashes of the Atomic Fires Adamas.

Aro – Crazy Wisdom

To even talk about Crazy Wisdom is challenging, as by its very nature it is talking about the act of just doing what you feel to be right in the moment, without recourse to rationality or even sense sometime. We cannot say why we did what we did, we just followed the mood of the moment and went with our seemingly random emotion and things turned out beautifully!

McDaniel refers to William Jameswho made a distinction between gradual and abrupt change, [35] while Karl Potter makes a distinction between progress and leap philosophies. He would enter the local church and throw nuts on the congregation during the liturgy, which he later explained to his friend was him denouncing the hypocrisy in worldly acts and prayers.


Outwardly, I live for my pleasure and inwardly I do everything in the right moment. It turned into one of the most deranged, beautiful and beneficial periods of my life. Dzogchem presentation of the manifestations of Padmasambhava.


I am not talking about jumping off bridges here but the commitment to just being completely open to whatever course of action arises for you at that moment, without prejudice or preconception. The similarities between the Sufi formulation of divine madness and the folk experience of psychosis are too clear and too frequent among the Turkish patients to be treated as coincidences. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat As to be expected with Trungpa, his words are bright, provocative, simu This is my second time reading this book, six years apart, and it seems like a completely new book now that I am more familiar with vajra, dzogchen, and Padmasambhara.

In West African version of Dzogcuen, according to Lynda chouitenexamples of insane saints are a part of Maraboutisme where the mad and idiotic behavior of a marabout was compared to a mental illness and considered a form of divine folly, of holiness. For spontaneous ecstatics, the reverse is true: In theological context, these were interpreted in part as divine rapture, an escape from the restraint of society, a frenzy for freedom of the soul.

Without expectations or doubts, all actions are completely free This would not be a great book for those just new to Buddhism but those who have studied at least the Mahayana teachings and have an idea of what’s to come, this is a great read. This book helped me get through the dark days after my husband’s sudden death. Advanced Spiritual Detox Formula.