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Hidden Currents. Christine Feehan. Buy This But as much as I loved Jackson, Hidden Currents is primarily the story of a survivor. Gratsos. Hidden Currents (Sea Haven / Drake Sisters, book 7) by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history. Hidden Currents (Drake Sisters, Book 7) [Christine Feehan] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In her Drake Sisters novels, #1 New York.

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Once that section passed I was like ok maybe it’ll mellow out some now On her latest undercover assignment, she met someone who is perfect for her, someone who would never reject her I waded through more Dark novels and hated each and every one of them. For myself, I can read about a character who has been raped in a romance novel. Sea Haven, a small village nestled on the northern California coast, had always been home—a refuge.

She could easily disappear and Stavros could have a hundred people swearing they saw him drop her off. The bodyguard feehwn talking crurents her.

Not the real Elle Drake, at least. When I rate a book, I don’t rate it on technical merit alone that is a part of it, but I’m not overly critical on books in this way because the best technical writer can leave cjristine reader bored and dissatisfied if the heart is not engaged. I was absolutely shocked to death at what transpired. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Hidden Currents by Christine Feehan | : Books

My library doesn’t have any complete series by Feehan so I had to start with Dangerous Tides, not horrible but not a book to make me want to read more. This book had both and they were in very graphic detail. That is not what I expected when I got to the seventh book. So imagine my surprise when she just stands there and lets it happen.


The door will be locked, Sheena, and you are to stay. I read everything; I mean everything! I think she deserved to know that. How was the bodyguard protected from her psychic abilities in the same way Stavros was? Her heart did a funny little flip, not the way it did when the worm smiled at her, but because she knew Stavros was half in love with her and it was so unfair.

I hated Safe Harbor and Turbulent Sea as the “heroes” became bigger and bigger aholes and the women bigger and bigger fuckwits. So, my friend said “Read the Drake Sister books, you’ll love them! They were close in height and weight and had the same mannerisms, even to moving their hands in the same way. The idea that a woman, who has been forced to endure rape, sodomy and torture, would then turn around and have “healing sex” with someone else days after being rescued, is insulting!

Elle nearly screamed when Stavros jerked her from her seat. I think that Ms. It also begins a new chapter in Sea Haven and hopefully for my readers as well!

Where was the harm in that? Unfortunately, I became curious. At first it was annoying, but soon began to swell in volume almost to the point of pain. One of the other pluses is that all the other sisters and their mates got to be a part of this story – it’s nice to see them curents together as friends and family.


Worse, he actually knew the chdistine in teas. I want to go home.

Elle is chdistine to be super sister endowed with all the powers ha! The men wore biker colors with patches, the standard one percent and an intricate sword with blood dripping down the blade.

Who would understand how difficult it was for her to face her future. June 20, Publication Date: Special Offer Enjoy Hidden Currents with this beautiful new cover in these e-book editions: He must have heard—or felt the despair in her—the fear. He’s determined to get her back curents matter the cost.

I can allow that those majorly graphically scenes may not have had the same effect on other readers, that maybe it was just my overly active imagination that just brought it all too real into my imagination.

Elle lifted her arms and called the wind. He stroked her fingers and she glanced up at him, sending him a faint smile before turning her attention to his masterpiece of a house. Already the boat was moving the short distance to his island. The thing about fiction, especially romantic or feel-good fiction, is that horrible, and seemingly insurmountable events occur, and good prevails.

And she needed a man who would help her. I love how the whole town comes out to support her.