February 25, 2019

Barbara Masin’s gripping account of five boys who dare to challenge a murderous totalitarian dictatorship shows that committed individuals can prevail, even. Barbara Masin is the author of Gauntlet ( avg rating, 17 ratings, 3 reviews, published ) and Odkaz ( avg rating, 6 ratings, 0 reviews, publis. Masin, Barbara “As she was growing up, Barbara Masin heard parts of this story. Odkaz: pravdivý příběh bratři Mašinů by Barbara Masin(Book).

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Eagerly they read everything about their father that they could get their hands on.

The narrative creates this causality:. Even as where still practiced, N Korea, China, and Cuba overwhelming arch-militarism and general fascist “dialectical” points of view still drive the political life in all 3 nations.

Barbara Masin

In Barbara and her father retraced the route of the escape all the way from the Czech border to West Berlin. That the West is yet gien to its own forms mqsin imitation the tendency toward secret police to ensure “security” rather than liberty is rather beside the point, as there is still time to correct that trend.

Their goal was to get some real training in partisan warfare techniques from the Americans. The characters are clearly divided into two distinct groups. Sandra marked it as to-read Mar 27, The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative. It can be claimed that these forms are significant not just for fiction but also for historical writing.

Prior to their escape, they had formed the nucleus of an anti-Communist resistance group, inspired by the testament of celebrated World War II resistance leader, Czech general Josef Masin, father to two of the young men and grandfather to the author of this book. After surviving several pitched gun battles, gunshot wounds, starvation, and the bitter cold, three finally reached West Berlin.

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It can be claimed that in Gauntlet the positive characters are far more developed than the negative ones. Such an examination is necessary in order to grasp the narrative structure: Edice RR, Prague The brothers were only small children when their father was executed but after the war they began to discover who their father had been: Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations.

The result of her efforts is this thriller, which makes use of eyewitness interviews and extensive archival research in four countries. His sons, Ctirad b. Eventually it was published in Prague after the Velvet Revolution.

Barbara Masin tells the story of her family’s fight against dictatorship | Radio Prague

Right after their arrival in West Masiin, western newspapers wrote of “20, Vopos” Vopo stands for “Volkspolizei officer”. They are clearly presented as positive characters — the heroes who fight against the cruel Communist regime. Their bodies were not delivered to their families but buried in anonymous common graves.

One can clearly see that this event which happened some time before the raids on the police station has certain narrative motivation.

Eager to learn more, she began to investigate. Only after the Reunification of Germany —Mittmann had retired and writing had become his full-time occupation —could he masim the German files as well as Rambousek’s book.

The man was glaring at him defiantly. Today the Czech Republic is still only marginally free and allegedly democratic, but the majority of its population, after more than fifty years of constant brainwashing, has quite a ridiculous attitude about their own history and the role they themselves played in it.


Only after interrogating him and consulting the Czechoslovak authorities did the East German police know who they were dealing with. The StB never found out that they had seized the men responsible for the police station raids. Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore It was the only book in the GDR mentioning the story at all.

The complete form of the romance is clearly the succesful quest, and such a completed form has three main stages: The debate is no doubt going to be rekindled by a newly published book called “The Testament” by the daughter of one of the Masin brothers, Barbara, ,asin presented it this week in Prague.

To ask other readers questions about Gauntletplease sign up. Lili marked it as to-read May 04, East German StaSi and VoPo mobilized over twenty thousand soldiers and policemen to capture the five young men.

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These events are narrated in the impersonal voice. The narrator describes them as follows:. Prior to their escape, they had formed the nucleus of an anti-Communist resistance group, inspired by kasin testament of celebrated World War II resistance leader, Czech general Josef Masin, father to two of the young men kdkaz grandfather to the author of this book.

She had spent most of her childhood in Germany before her family moved to the USA.