AFI 36-2504 PDF

February 9, 2019

Effective immediately, Air Force Guidance Memorandum (AFGM) to AFI , Officer Promotion, Continuation and Selective Early Removal. AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Fitness Program AFI Systems AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI . AIR FORCE INSTRUCTIONS (AFI) AFI Information Security Program AFI Officer Promotions and Selective Continuation AFI Officer.

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If forms have been screened out under the prior AFIreaccomplishment is not required solely for filing purposes. Mail health and dental records direct to the designated confinement facility.

Type or stamp on the face of the envelope: BoxSt Louis, MOwithin 5 workdays after discharge or transfer. Know your retirement options Acclaimed fai Dr.

Documents and forms that become obsolete because they have been discontinued, re-titled, renumbered, or replaced remain in the record folder until normal disposition as shown in Attachment 2, column E.

MPFs may perform face-to-face RRev in groups of not more than 25 people. File in AF Form UP-3 P Form is obsolete. As a result, many Air Force officers who were previously promoted or considered under the dual promotion system were provided “grandfather” protection. The review authority evaluates decisions to file Article 15 in the selection record when the commander is not a GCMCA or higher level commander: Waive the requirement for another event centered review or audit if the member received a complete 362-504 within the last 90 calendar days.

For example, if individual received an event centered review within 90 calendar days of departure for service school, aci the predeparture review or audit. Verification of Records Received. UP-4 T Maintained as long as the member is assigned to approved requested position. You will acknowledge receipt by indorsement hereon within 3 workdays, and include any statement you wish to make in that indorsement.

The MPF element responsible for transfer will: Do a records audit for members who fail twice to present themselves for a RRev without valid reasons.


CM P Form is obsolete. Air Force military personnel records use the name shown on a birth, baptismal, marriage, or naturalization certificate, civil court order, or other legal document. Refer to AFI for access to and disclosure from classified military personnel records. If nonrecommendation is to grade of airman thru senior 336-2504, remove upon promotion.

File a copy of these documents 36-204 the selection record immediately on receipt. Do not correct records of former members unless evidence proves the SSN used while serving with the Air Force was incorrect or erroneously recorded. Comply with reporting instructions in AFI for records destroyed under conditions in Title 44, U.

In these cases, the record custodian files the certificate of authorization in the personnel record group reviewed. If 36-2540 from orders, comply with paragraph 3.

Remove on release or separation of the prisoner. The decision memorandum must be signed personally by the decision authority.


A records audit must be done not later than 45 workdays before departure for IMA members geographically separated from the MPF. File when officer elects to restate the oath of office on promotion. The commander also prepares the memorandum figure A4. Accordingly, some documents and forms used under the dual promotion system, and their disposition instructions, must be retained in accordance with AFI The SSN is entered on all records requiring a numerical identifier: Documents removed during screening will be disposed of according to paragraph 2.

The case is sent to you for the final decision. Give to officers separating from Category A or B unit.


Written guidelines that have the approval of the Mission Support Commander or equivalent are encouraged. They stay in record groups until the member separates or retires.

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Separation with immediate reenlistment.

Remove when the suspended involuntary separation is permanently canceled. Retain for personnel released from active duty. Remove on completion of first enlistment. Anyone who obtains information about an individual under false pretenses may also be subject to criminal penalties enforceable under ArticleUCMJ. Medical and Dental Record Inventory. It contains decision logic tables DLT to provide standardized instructions for maintenance and disposition of Air Force military personnel records, and procedures for recording and changing basic identifying data in military records.

Officers with former enlisted service. Persons whose character of service was under other than honorable conditions or dishonorable are not eligible. The commander provides the officer an information copy of the appeal approval letter and forwards the original to the military personnel flight Career Enhancement element. Use this form to replace any lost or destroyed certificate of retirement from the Air Force issued only to service members.

R A U If an L E 1 airman is dropped from the unit rolls as a deserter AFI 2 3 4 officer is dropped from the rolls of the Air Force while serving on EAD individual is confined in a foreign penal institution and has been dropped from the unit rolls individual is confined to a penal institution as a result of conviction by civil court in the United States, its commonwealths or possessions and has been dropped from the unit rolls and discharge is inappropriate NOTES: The name “David E.

A memorandum request with sufficient identifying data is also acceptable.

AFPC maintains this record in paper on active duty master sergeants, senior master sergeants, and chief master sergeants. Individuals may review their official personnel records at the locations where they are maintained chapter 1.