February 16, 2019

Between Rod’s recent blog on the origins of the Interface name, a recent thread querying the renaming of Acegi Security, and a suggestion late. Name, Email, Dev Id, Roles, Organization. Ben Alex, benalex at users. , benalex, Acegi Technology Pty Limited ( au). Formerly called ACEGI Security for Spring, the re-branded Spring Security has delivered on its promises of making it simpler to use and.

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Furthermore, the object receives a set ObjectDefintionSources. During authentication, the wrapper class cycles through the list of AuthenticationProviders until a compatible provider is located.

Securing Your Java Applications – Acegi Security Style

If so, interception examines who made the call the principal and whether or not access should be granted. While this article and the next installment gives the reader a running start to integrating Acegi, a number of configuration options and features have been excluded. Here is where the AuthenticationManager plays its role in the authentication chain.

Is your profile up-to-date? A hands-on introduction to frameworks and containers. Finally, the AffirmativeBased implementation grants access if at least one access granted is received while deny votes are disregarded.

The next step is to tie this into our fictional web application. For traditional logins, this is the username’s respective password. Tell us what you think. Furthermore, many of the frequently-identified problems experienced by new users have been addressed, such as custom messages as opposed to using the Servlet Container’s error handlerdetecting corrupt property input following the reformatting of XML files, and a new logout filter.

Even though the configuration utilizes Spring, this article demonstrate the power of the system while showing there is no reason why it can not be used even when not integrating Spring into your application. For simplicity, this article will use the latter, InMemoryDaoImpl. Download Microservices for Java Developers: As one would imagine, the first is thrown when an incorrect principal and credentials are provided.


The first part will serve as an introduction to Acegi, its core components, and configuration via Spring’s application context. If authentication fails, the browser will automatically be redirected to the URL specified by authenticationFailureUrl. With this knowledge, we will learn how to implement authentication and authorization services for a simple web application.

Prior to access to the resource, interception determines whether or not the resource should be protected. Enter the Acegi Security framework, an open source security framework designed for Spring. In the afegi of web applications, security interception is done using a servlet filter – SecurityEnforcementFilter securit in combination with the FilterSecurityInterceptor.

Insufficient features and lack of portability of Servlet and EJB security standards initially drove interest in Acegi, which since the has evolved into a project with support for most of today’s authentication schemes.

The sole shipping implementation of this interface is the RoleVoterwhich grants access if the principal has been assigned the role. Please consult the reference documentation to learn more.

Therefore, security is often one of the most important aspects.

Pathway from ACEGI to Spring Security 2.0

For the case of our fictional application, the UnanimousBased implementation with the RoleVoter will suffice for our minimalist needs; however, it is truly important to understand the complex structure and role of AccessDecisionManagers in Acegi.

A Comparison of Relational Databases. The first value informs the interceptor to convert all URLs to lowercase before evaluating. In addition to more than 80 improvements and fixes since 1.


If no resource was specified, for example when the user directly accesses the login URL, the defaultTargetUrl property specifies where the user will be redirected. You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments. As before, the filter utilizes the FilterToBeanProxy class to retrieve an instantiated acgi from the application context.

In this two part series, we will examine the Acegi Security framework. The Acegi framework is particularly useful with Spring, it secueity authentication, authorization, instance-based access control, channel security and human user detection capabilities.

The left-hand side of the equals is the URL pattern while the right-hand side details the roles necessary for casting a grant vote. Acegi Security System for Spring 1.

The final object contained by the Authentication interface is and array of the authorities granted to the principal.

This is a personal preference of the author and is not required. Here is where AccessDecisionVoters play a role in the authorization decision chain. While developers are welcome to implement a custom AccessDecisionManager when appropriate, most circumstances allow for use of the implementations that are based upon the concept of voting. Let’s configure the authorization system by crawling back up the chain, starting with the RoleVoter and UnanimousBased. Almost by its very nature, one of the most tedious and difficult aspects of application development is security, specifically authentication and authorization.