July 13, 2019

: Murder in Amsterdam: Liberal Europe, Islam, and the Limits of Tolerance (): Ian Buruma: Books. A revelatory look at what happens when political Islam collides with the secular West Ian Buruma’s Murder in Amsterdam is a masterpiece of investigative. Murder in Amsterdam: The Death of Theo Van Gogh and the Limits of Tolerance is a book by Ian Buruma. The Guardian describes it as, “part reportage.

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After Bouyeri shot van Gogh, he calmly stood over the body and cut his throat with a curved machete, as if performing a ritual sacrifice, which in a very real sense he was.

It was also a rich exploration of the history of Dutch tolerance — particularly since World War II, when, Buruma says and this was something Isn hadn’t knownmany Dutch people felt that their country had not done anywhere near enough to protect its Jews from extermination.

Oct 25, Shawn Thrasher rated it really liked it.

Murder in Amsterdam – Ian Buruma

Ian Buruma’s entire life has led him to this narrative: How does a government maintain the value of tolerance in the face of a group of citizens utterly opposed to tolerance? The complete review amsterdwm Review:.

It was also a fast read as Buruma is a fantastic writer. For Buruma, the choice of future Mohammed Bouyeris crucially depends on whether their fellow citizens are prepared to accept orthodox Muslims as fully paid-up, equal Europeans.

Jun 14, Neil Mudde rated it really liked it. One morning inthe great-grand-nephew of Vincent Van Gogh was killed as he bicycled on his way to work. Yet he is careful to acknowledge that nowhere near all Muslims are revolutionary. I believe in freedom of speech. My political success is based upon the fact that I was prepared to listen to such people.

May 17, Gina Cesati rated it liked amsteram. I was given insight on why and how Islamic extremists groups form and why a young immigrant Muslim man, whose host country failed to provide him with rich opportunities, would revert back to fundamentalism. Very hard to follow and we just could not get into it. An interesting social-historical account, but not entirely satisfying as a discussion of the issues.


I am quite familiar or rather bored with each other’s claims and accusations.

To face the facts beyond the veil

Yes, I can understand how those cartoons are hurtful; yes, if you feel its necessary march, protest, and boycott. Just the traditional cultural strictures on Muslim women, make for a profound cultural clash. This really is a fascinating little book. What we are iqn is nothing new. When Dutch anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn who was also murdered, though not by a Muslim was asked about his hostility to Islamhe said: The KKK can march in Grey’s Ferry, and the mayor can say, “go ahead, but we don’t have amsterfam cops, just so you know.

I expect well written, intelligent books to help clear away confusion, but when it comes liberalism, Islam and tolerance, this one only added to mine. The only problem for me was trying to comprehend the amstrdam of the reader of the audio book.

Murder in Amsterdam – UK. Not so open-minded readers from either side might be offended or taking sides too early on the debate presented. Survival in Auschwitz Primo Levi. Holland is, in some senses, a special case, but the question this book poses is one that is becoming urgent all over Europe: That attitude leads in turn to the kind of prejudice that serves as a forge for even amstwrdam extremism — particularly among second-generation immigrants who cannot find work, acceptance or self-respect in their new countries.

The Guardian describes it as, “part reportage, part essay.

Murder in Amsterdam

It shows the edges that collides between the two sides. Broadly speaking, we are two cultures, one of which takes a collective approach to life and death, the other an individualistic approach. But the point, for Buruma, is that he did not feel sufficiently un home to look for an accommodation.

InTheo van Bhruma great great something or other of Vincentfilmmaker and professional polemicist was murdered by an Islamic fundamentalist. After the murder of the provocative Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh by a Muslim extremist, Buruma went back to his homeland of the Netherlands to interview people of all different backgrounds about the place of Muslim immigrants in European society. It presents fascinating information and background about why Muslims resist assimilation into their adopted country as well as personal histories of some controversial immigrants like Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


Buruma quotes the remarkable statistic that in45 per cent of the population of Amsterdam was of foreign origin. The Dutch was rather stilted, possibly reflecting the patchiness of Bouyeri’s education, possibly from having been burum from Arabic into English for consumption via the bruma, then into Dutch. Inn wie sollte es auch anders sein? It is more sociological.

Meanwhile, his murderer, Mohammed Bouyeri, was a youth who for a time seemed to have some potential to become a productive member of society but instead became radicalized, embracing Islam, and coming to take it very, very seriously — arguably because he could not find his place in Dutch society although he seems always to have had what can be called anger management issues — i.

Some of the evidence, however, requires more explanation, as when he repeats a psychiatrist’s murdeer that: I thought this book would add clarity to why young Muslims have trouble integrating into their adopted European or North American communities and maybe learn about some solutions.

I picked this book up for much the same reason, and it was one sale. Parts of it were fascinating to me, but I oan like I was slogging thru much of the book. The Theo in the story has been a character from birth, being involved in T. Very interesting read from an author who knows Amsterdam very well. To remain sane, these successive generations long for the security of a paradise lost.

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