June 30, 2019

Course title in Polish, Chemia fizyczna i biofizyka Sugier (praca zbiorowa), Laboratorium z chemii fizycznej, skrypt PŁ, Łódź, ; Blumenfeld, Problemy fizyki. Biofizyka – ćwiczenia: skrypt dla studentów farmacji by Barbara Pilawa(Book) 1 edition published in in Polish and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries. Biofizyka: ćwiczenia laboratoryjne i seminaria dla studentów medycyny i Współczesne metody i techniki obrazowania tkanek i narządów: skrypt(Book).

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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics ,17 The effect of loudness on reaction time and response force in different motor tasks.

Studia Psychologiaca 27 Hess’s and Kirchhoff’s law. Psychological Research52 Explain skryp nature of non-covalent interactions in biological systems and explain the mechanism of interaction of electromagnetic waves of biomolecules.

Polskie Forum Psychologiczne11, VEP latency and some properties of simple reaction time distribution. Polskie Forum Psychologiczne 1, He possessed extensive knowledge not only in psychology but also in physics, biology and other sciences. An ERP study about two tasks provoking variability in response speed. Using Clausius – ClapeyronRaoult’s and Henry’s laws.

Biofjzyka Perception and Performance32, Jaskowski influenced many students, so many of them are now continuing to follow the path indicated by their former supervisor. He firmly believed that there is no problem which cannot be solved, and thank to his eclectic knowledge and creativity he was typically able to find solutions to the most difficult problems. In addition, he had an exceptional ability to gather around him people sharing the same passion biofizykq science; he was a teacher, a mentor, and a model for several young researchers.


Bydgoszcz, Wydawnictwo UKW ss. Thermochemistry – energetics of chemicals reactions. He very much appreciated scientific curiosity.

Phase equilibriums of pure substances and binary mixtures. Traces left on visual selective attention by stimuli that are not consciously identified. Fluorescence quenching kinetics of solutions.

Biofizyka – ćwiczenia: skrypt dla studentów farmacji – Barbara Pilawa – Google Books

Dr Anna Woziwodzka [link] tel.: Moreover, he was very active in seeking funding opportunities for the development of his research team and for the meth- odological advance of the laboratory. Chemical kinetics – reaction rate. Jaskowski was extremely knowledgeable in these domains and was a specialist in techniques used in cognitive neuroscience mostly evoked potentials ; his opinion in this respect was highly valued in Poland and abroad.

P sychological Research72, The nature of noncovalent interactions in biological systems.

Obserwacje zjawiska Pulfricha w czasie leczenia. Kinetic model of gases. Formation of stacking aggregates between methylxanthines and aromatic ligands reduces their biological activity. Raoult’s and Henry’s laws. Reduction of cytostatic effects of quinacrine mustard by caffeine.

His research con- cerned also the neurobiological underpinnings of dyslexia and face perception. Consciousness and Cognition9, Cereberal Cortex16, Effects of metacontrast-masked stimuli on behavior and on brain potentials before and after early- and late-night sleep.


Pracownia Biofizyki | Międzyuczelniany Wydział Biotechnologii UG i GUMed

Predictability of posturographic signals: On the role of mask structure in subliminal priming. Perceptual and Motor Skills77 Consequences of altered cerebellar input for the cortical akrypt of motor co-ordination, as reflected in EEG potentials.

Temporal order judgment and reaction time to stimuli of different rise times. A case for a mask-triggered inhibition hypothesis.

Wieslaw Nowak

These projects are presently continued, sadly, without his invaluable support. An ERP indicator of processing relevant gestalts in masked priming. Reversible and irreversible processes. Employing thermodynamics in description of energetics of chemical reactions, phase changes, solutions’ properties and the states of equilibria of chemical reaction.

We will utterly miss his creative ideas, the inspiring and spirited discussions, the encouraging and thoughtful advice, his playful humor, and his ability to transmit scientific passion to others.